URS TF 5000

ΔΙΑΘΕΣΙΜΟΤΗΤΑ: Κατόπιν Παραγγελίας
TF 5000
Frequency  range of 87.5-108.0 MHz (CCIR) and 65.9-74.0 MHz (OIRT). With its standard output and 50 Ohm impedance. The transmitter provides top quality audio output, simple power control (from 0 W to maximum value), readjustment within the entire frequency range by with the help of display and front panel buttons, which also help control and operation of key parameters of every module. Control and operation are also possible through remote access connector (standard protocols RS-232 and RS-485).

EMERGENCY MODES: emergency operation system keeps these transmitters operating with impedance mismatch of any kind, up to total absence thereof. In this mode, the transmitter drops impedance to the levels at which high frequency stages may continue safe operation. The same principle applies in the event of radiator overheating.

PERFORMANCE INDEX: these types of transmitter boast high performance index of high-frequency module (>70%, usually ~80%) on every level of rated capacity – starting from 20% and up to the maximum value. This kind of performance is achieved through the use of the most innovative components and know-how. 

RELIABILITY: SMD technology guarantees long service life of the equipment. APC (Automatic Power Control) and feedback protection guarantee fail-safe operation in any working conditions. 

AUDIO:Audio signals transmitted by these devices are characterized by low distortion and intermodulation values, and high signal/noise rates by and large secures conformity to generally accepted standards. The transmitter has a wide selection of input connectors: Left, Right and Mono (XLP) analog audio inputs; MPX input and auxiliary inputs for SCA/RDS signals with BNC socket. (AES/EBU optional). 

RDS APPLICATION: integrated RDS encoder with standard features (optional).
REMOTE ACCESS: integrated monitoring system with GSM modem, battery and charger.
DESIGN FEATURES: compact and lightweight transmitters in polished stainless steel casing, 3U Rack 19″.
LOW POWER SUPPLY REQUIREMENTS : switched mode power supply unit with PFC function allows operation in three-phase AC networks 50/60 Hz with voltage ranging from 340 V to 420 V. High performance index (>90%).
11500.00 €
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